More About Me

Zachary Kersey, licensed REALTOR®

A few qualities that set me apart from other real estate agents:

  1. Passion. Nothing gets me fired up like helping others and serving my community. Are you struggling with the sale of your home or having difficulty finding the perfect house? Well, I'm the agent for you. Not only am I going to help, but I'm going to be passionate about it and put you first the entire process. Clients = family.

  2. My Pensacola background. I was born in Pensacola and have lived here my entire life. No one knows the city like me, promise! My family's ancestors first arrived in Pensacola back in 1703. Trust me when I say I can tell you anything you need to know- going back 300 years.

  3. Market knowledge. I'm not like most agents that are always on vacation. My free time is actually spent doing more work and research. Analyzing monthly market reports and having a thorough knowledge of Pensacola's inventory is extremely important to me so that I can always effectively serve my people.